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The Wizard's Cupboard is always buying Magic Cards. We buy larger collections of Magic the Gathering (at least 1,000 cards including rares and uncommons in normal distribution or better). We also have a Sell to Us list of individual cards with our buy prices. This list includes a lot of high dollar (older) cards such as Power Nine, Arabian Nights and Legends, but also has many newer cards including some uncommons and a few commons. The cards listed are priced better because we Buy Magic Cards based on our needs and the market. We also have listed buy prices for most sets and sealed product.

If we buy from you, you will be required to ship to us insured prior to payment and our offered price will be a total to you. To sell to us, please fill in the box below with a card list and description of condition. If you have a spread sheet you wish to send, please email us and attach it to your email. Alternatively, you may describe your collection by giving us the approximate amount of cards in each commonality (R, U, C) and conditions of the bigger cards. The more information we have about the cards, the better the offer usually is. We will usually, if not always, give you a bid in 2 to 3 days.

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TWC Buy List
If you are selling quoted cards from the list below, please remember that these are the prices we are paying for M/NM unplayed cards. The price we pay for lesser condition cards may be considerably less, so make certain that you accurately describe the card's condition (see our Grading page). If in doubt, go down a grade, that is what we do. If the cards are in lesser condition please let us know in the box above. We will email you with prices for the lesser condition cards. If you want store credit as payment, you will receive 110% of the quoted price. Your account will be credited for that amount once we receive the item as described. Lastly, make sure you include the payment method you prefer and your address or paypal email address for that payment method.
What type of product do you wish to sell?
Sets, Packs and Boxes, or Singles?
Name Buy Price Quantity
10th Edition Set$80.00
4th Edition Set$80.00
5th Edition Set$80.00
6th Edition Set$80.00
7th Edition Set$70.00
8th Edition Set$30.00
Alara Reborn Set$60.00
Alliances Set$60.00
Alpha Set$6,500.00
Antiquities Set$225.00
Apocalypse Set$45.00
Arabian Nights Set$600.00
Beta Set$7,500.00
Betrayers of Kamigawa Set$25.00
Champions of Kamigawa Set$40.00
Chronicles Set$10.00
Coldsnap Set$35.00
Conflux Set$70.00
Dark Set$40.00
Darksteel Set$35.00
Dissension Set$40.00
Eventide Set$70.00
Exodus Set$50.00
Fallen Empires Set$15.00
Fifth Dawn Set$35.00
Future Sight Set$40.00
Guildpact Set$40.00
Homelands Set$15.00
Ice Age Set$35.00
Invasion Set$75.00
Judgment Set$40.00
Legends Set$625.00
Legions Set$40.00
Lorwyn Set$85.00
Magic 2010 Set$80.00
Magic 2011 Set$80.00
Mercadian Masques Set$70.00
Mirage Set$60.00
Mirrodin Set$45.00
Morningtide Set$55.00
Nemesis Set$35.00
Odyssey Set$80.00
Onslaught Set$90.00
Planar Chaos Set$35.00
Planeshift Set$40.00
Portal 2nd Age Set$70.00
Portal 3 Kingdoms Set$400.00
Portal Set$65.00
Prophecy Set$20.00
Ravnica Set$70.00
Revised Set$350.00
Saviors of Kamigawa Set$25.00
Scars of Mirrodin Set$90.00
Scourge Set$40.00
Shadowmoor Set$70.00
Shards of Alara Set$70.00
Starter Set$60.00
Stronghold Set$65.00
Tempest Set$90.00
Time Spiral Set$35.00
Time Spiral Timeshifted Set$30.00
Torment Set$45.00
Unglued Set$45.00
Unhinged Set$15.00
Unlimited Set$2,000.00
Urza's Destiny Set$55.00
Urza's Legacy Set$45.00
Urza's Saga Set$185.00
Vanguard Set$100.00
Visions Set$40.00
Weatherlight Set$40.00
Worldwake Set$115.00
Zendikar Set$100.00
Name Buy Price Quantity
Click on Name, Set, or Buy Price to sort the list accordingly. Be aware that any information you have entered will be lost by doing so.
Name Set Buy Price Quantity
Wash OutInvasion$0.50
Dwarven DrillerJudgment$0.25
Soulcatchers' AerieJudgment$0.30
Stitch TogetherJudgment$0.25
Unquestioned AuthorityJudgment$0.10
Chain LightningLegends$5.00
Crimson KoboldsLegends$0.65
Crookshank KoboldsLegends$0.40
Fallen AngelLegends$1.50
Heaven's GateLegends$0.25
Kobolds of Kher KeepLegends$0.40
Land TaxLegends$2.00
Life ChiselLegends$0.15
Underworld DreamsLegends$1.50
Gempalm PolluterLegions$0.05
Wirewood ChannelerLegions$0.50
Wirewood HivemasterLegions$0.75
Avatar (Token)Lorwyn$0.15
Elvish HarbingerLorwyn$0.50
Elvish PromenadeLorwyn$0.90
Imperious PerfectLorwyn$2.25
Merrow CommerceLorwyn$0.20
Merrow ReejereyLorwyn$1.00
Oblivion RingLorwyn$0.25
Silvergill AdeptLorwyn$0.60
Ajani GoldmaneMagic 2010$1.75
Ball LightningMagic 2010$0.85
Birds of ParadiseMagic 2010$1.25
Bogardan HellkiteMagic 2010$0.50
Captain of the WatchMagic 2010$1.25
Chandra NalaarMagic 2010$0.85
Coat of ArmsMagic 2010$1.50
Darksteel ColossusMagic 2010$1.50
Doom BladeMagic 2010$0.05
Dragonskull SummitMagic 2010$0.75
Drowned CatacombMagic 2010$1.00
Elvish ArchdruidMagic 2010$0.45
Elvish PiperMagic 2010$1.75
Glacial FortressMagic 2010$0.50
Goblin ChieftainMagic 2010$0.40
Great Sable StagMagic 2010$0.25
Honor of the PureMagic 2010$0.65
Howling MineMagic 2010$0.55
Hypnotic SpecterMagic 2010$0.45
IndestructibilityMagic 2010$0.20
Jace BelerenMagic 2010$2.75
Liliana VessMagic 2010$5.00
Master of the Wild HuntMagic 2010$2.25
Open the VaultsMagic 2010$0.10
Platinum AngelMagic 2010$3.00
PolymorphMagic 2010$0.15
Protean HydraMagic 2010$0.25
Relentless RatsMagic 2010$0.35
Rootbound CragMagic 2010$0.60
Royal AssassinMagic 2010$0.15
Sanguine BondMagic 2010$2.00
SilenceMagic 2010$0.35
Sphinx AmbassadorMagic 2010$1.25
Sunpetal GroveMagic 2010$1.00
Time WarpMagic 2010$2.00
TraumatizeMagic 2010$0.40
TwincastMagic 2010$0.65
Underworld DreamsMagic 2010$0.45
Vampire NocturnusMagic 2010$1.55
Baneslayer AngelMagic 2011$5.45
Birds of ParadiseMagic 2011$1.25
Captivating VampireMagic 2011$2.00
Chandra NalaarMagic 2011$1.95
Day of JudgmentMagic 2011$0.65
Demon of Death's GateMagic 2011$2.25
Drowned CatacombMagic 2011$1.10
Elvish ArchdruidMagic 2011$0.45
Frost TitanMagic 2011$0.35
Gaea's RevengeMagic 2011$0.75
Garruk WildspeakerMagic 2011$4.10
Glacial FortressMagic 2011$0.65
Goblin ChieftainMagic 2011$0.65
Grave TitanMagic 2011$2.75
Honor of the PureMagic 2011$0.70
Inferno TitanMagic 2011$0.75
Jace BelerenMagic 2011$4.20
Knight ExemplarMagic 2011$0.95
Leyline of SanctityMagic 2011$11.25
Liliana's CaressMagic 2011$0.75
Overwhelming StampedeMagic 2011$0.50
Platinum AngelMagic 2011$3.45
Primeval TitanMagic 2011$6.20
Rootbound CragMagic 2011$0.75
Serra AscendantMagic 2011$5.50
SilenceMagic 2011$0.30
Sunpetal GroveMagic 2011$1.10
Sword of VengeanceMagic 2011$0.35
TraumatizeMagic 2011$0.65
Adaptive AutomatonMagic 2012$1.50
Angelic DestinyMagic 2012$1.35
Birds of ParadiseMagic 2012$1.75
Chandra's PhoenixMagic 2012$0.30
Grand AbolisherMagic 2012$0.55
Rootbound CragMagic 2012$0.75
Primordial HydraMagic 2013$1.50
AfterlifeMercadian Masques$0.05
Ancestral MaskMercadian Masques$0.10
ArrestMercadian Masques$0.10
Ballista SquadMercadian Masques$0.05
BrainstormMercadian Masques$0.50
Chameleon SpiritMercadian Masques$0.10
Coastal PiracyMercadian Masques$0.15
CounterspellMercadian Masques$0.35
Dark RitualMercadian Masques$0.25
Energy FluxMercadian Masques$0.20
Fountain of ChoMercadian Masques$0.15
GushMercadian Masques$0.10
Haunted CrossroadsMercadian Masques$0.25
Henge of RamosMercadian Masques$0.05
Indentured DjinnMercadian Masques$0.10
IntimidationMercadian Masques$0.05
Land GrantMercadian Masques$0.05
Mercadian BazaarMercadian Masques$0.15
Noble PurposeMercadian Masques$0.25
Rain of TearsMercadian Masques$0.15
Rushwood GroveMercadian Masques$0.10
Saprazzan CoveMercadian Masques$0.10
SoothsayingMercadian Masques$0.20
Spidersilk ArmorMercadian Masques$0.15
Story CircleMercadian Masques$0.55
Subterranean HangarMercadian Masques$0.10
Trap RunnerMercadian Masques$0.05
War TaxMercadian Masques$0.05
Crypt CobraMirage$0.05
Auriok SteelshaperMirrodin$0.80
Isochron ScepterMirrodin$2.00
Lightning GreavesMirrodin$2.00
Myr RetrieverMirrodin$0.30
Shrapnel BlastMirrodin$0.60
Sun DropletMirrodin$0.25
Bramblewood ParagonMorningtide$0.45
Veteran's ArmamentsMorningtide$0.05
Accumulated KnowledgeNemesis$0.05
Flint GolemNemesis$0.05
Noble StandNemesis$0.05
Refreshing RainNemesis$0.05
Terrain GeneratorNemesis$0.10
DismemberNew Phyrexia$0.05
Gut ShotNew Phyrexia$0.40
Barbarian RingOdyssey$0.75
Beloved ChaplainOdyssey$0.25
Cephalid ColiseumOdyssey$0.45
Moment's PeaceOdyssey$0.05
Squirrel NestOdyssey$1.25
Wild MongrelOdyssey$0.05
Zombie InfestationOdyssey$0.45
Heedless OneOnslaught$1.00
Soulless OneOnslaught$0.75
Wirewood LodgeOnslaught$0.25
Aether MembranePlanar Chaos$0.15
Big Game HunterPlanar Chaos$0.15
Dash HopesPlanar Chaos$0.50
Dormant SliverPlanar Chaos$0.15
Essence WardenPlanar Chaos$0.15
Frozen AetherPlanar Chaos$0.15
HarmonizePlanar Chaos$0.75
Necrotic SliverPlanar Chaos$0.35
Rebuff the WickedPlanar Chaos$0.15
Shivan MeteorPlanar Chaos$0.25
Sulfur ElementalPlanar Chaos$0.05
Crosis's CatacombsPlaneshift$0.25
Crosis's CharmPlaneshift$0.05
Darigaaz's CalderaPlaneshift$0.15
Dromar's CavernPlaneshift$0.10
Dromar's CharmPlaneshift$0.05
Flametongue KavuPlaneshift$0.35
Nightscape FamiliarPlaneshift$0.05
Rith's GrovePlaneshift$0.15
Treva's RuinsPlaneshift$0.20
Voice of AllPlaneshift$0.30
Boiling SeasPortal$0.15
Starlit AngelPortal$0.55
BargainPortal 2nd Age$0.05
Cruel EdictPortal 2nd Age$0.35
Goblin LorePortal 2nd Age$0.50
Sea DrakePortal 2nd Age$10.00
Control of the CourtPortal 3 Kingdoms$2.00
Corrupt Court OfficialPortal 3 Kingdoms$2.00
Hunting CheetahPortal 3 Kingdoms$1.00
Imperial EdictPortal 3 Kingdoms$1.00
Imperial RecruiterPortal 3 Kingdoms$25.00
Loyal RetainersPortal 3 Kingdoms$10.00
Strategic PlanningPortal 3 Kingdoms$25.00
Wei Night RaidersPortal 3 Kingdoms$3.00
Zodiac HorsePortal 3 Kingdoms$1.00
Zodiac TigerPortal 3 Kingdoms$1.00
Enlightened Tutor (6th Foil)Promo Cards$10.00
Lightning Helix - TextlessPromo Cards$2.00
Malfegor (Pre-release)Promo Cards$0.95
Nightveil Specter (Media Promo)Promo Cards$0.50
Sliver Token (Player Reward)Promo Cards$1.00
Spirit Token (Player Reward)Promo Cards$0.50
Squirrel Token (Player Reward)Promo Cards$1.00
Mirror StrikeProphecy$0.10
Reveille SquadProphecy$0.05
Rhystic StudyProphecy$0.35
Sunken FieldProphecy$0.05
Lightning HelixRavnica$1.00
Azorius CharmReturn to Ravnica$0.70
Izzet StaticasterReturn to Ravnica$0.20
Judge's FamiliarReturn to Ravnica$0.20
Rakdos CacklerReturn to Ravnica$0.30
Selesnya CharmReturn to Ravnica$0.30
Ultimate PriceReturn to Ravnica$0.25
Animate DeadRevised$0.35
Bad MoonRevised$2.00
Control MagicRevised$0.20
Dark RitualRevised$0.25
Demonic TutorRevised$3.00
Howling MineRevised$1.00
Hypnotic SpecterRevised$1.00
Ivory TowerRevised$0.75
Lightning BoltRevised$0.75
Lord of AtlantisRevised$1.25
Mana FlareRevised$1.25
Mana ShortRevised$0.35
Mind TwistRevised$1.25
Nevinyrral's DiskRevised$1.50
Royal AssassinRevised$0.40
Savannah LionsRevised$1.50
Sol RingRevised$4.00
Swords to PlowsharesRevised$1.25
The RackRevised$0.40
Tropical IslandRevised$40.00
Underground SeaRevised$50.00
Volcanic IslandRevised$35.00
Wheel of FortuneRevised$4.95
Wrath of GodRevised$4.00
Zombie MasterRevised$1.00
Awakening ZoneRise of the Eldrazi$0.50
Bear UmbraRise of the Eldrazi$0.55
Coralhelm CommanderRise of the Eldrazi$1.25
Deathless AngelRise of the Eldrazi$0.85
Echo MageRise of the Eldrazi$0.35
Eldrazi ConscriptionRise of the Eldrazi$5.00
Eldrazi TempleRise of the Eldrazi$0.65
Guul Draz AssassinRise of the Eldrazi$0.95
It That BetraysRise of the Eldrazi$5.00
Joraga TreespeakerRise of the Eldrazi$0.75
Kargan DragonlordRise of the Eldrazi$1.40
Keening StoneRise of the Eldrazi$0.35
Khalni HydraRise of the Eldrazi$1.85
Kor SpiritdancerRise of the Eldrazi$0.90
Lighthouse ChronologistRise of the Eldrazi$2.20
Linvala, Keeper of SilenceRise of the Eldrazi$5.95
Nirkana RevenantRise of the Eldrazi$3.75
Spawnsire of UlamogRise of the Eldrazi$0.40
Splinter TwinRise of the Eldrazi$1.40
Student of WarfareRise of the Eldrazi$1.15
Training GroundsRise of the Eldrazi$0.55
Transcendent MasterRise of the Eldrazi$1.20
Ulamog, the Infinite GyreRise of the Eldrazi$8.95
VengevineRise of the Eldrazi$7.00
Adamaro, First to DesireSaviors of Kamigawa$0.15
Choice of DamnationsSaviors of Kamigawa$0.75
Endless SwarmSaviors of Kamigawa$0.15
Enduring IdealSaviors of Kamigawa$0.45
Erayo, Soratami AscendantSaviors of Kamigawa$2.50
Eternal DominionSaviors of Kamigawa$0.55
Hidetsugu's Second RiteSaviors of Kamigawa$0.30
Homura, Human AscendantSaviors of Kamigawa$0.25
Kami of the Crescent MoonSaviors of Kamigawa$0.30
Kataki, War's WageSaviors of Kamigawa$1.95
Maga, Traitor to MortalsSaviors of Kamigawa$0.25
Masumaro, First to LiveSaviors of Kamigawa$0.15
Michiko Konda, Truth SeekerSaviors of Kamigawa$0.65
Mikokoro, Center of the SeaSaviors of Kamigawa$1.65
Miren, the Moaning WellSaviors of Kamigawa$1.95
Neverending TormentSaviors of Kamigawa$0.15
Oboro, Palace in the CloudsSaviors of Kamigawa$0.65
Pithing NeedleSaviors of Kamigawa$0.95
Promise of BunreiSaviors of Kamigawa$0.55
Rune-Tail, Kitsune AscendantSaviors of Kamigawa$0.95
TwincastSaviors of Kamigawa$0.85
Arc TrailScars of Mirrodin$0.05
Darkslick ShoresScars of Mirrodin$1.50
Etched ChampionScars of Mirrodin$0.85
Ezuri, Renegade LeaderScars of Mirrodin$0.65
Hand of the PraetorsScars of Mirrodin$0.40
Indomitable ArchangelScars of Mirrodin$0.70
Koth of the HammerScars of Mirrodin$1.95
Myr BattlesphereScars of Mirrodin$0.20
Platinum EmperionScars of Mirrodin$0.75
Skithiryx, the Blight DragonScars of Mirrodin$1.75
Tempered SteelScars of Mirrodin$0.40
Ambush CommanderScourge$0.65
Bladewing the RisenScourge$0.40
Brain FreezeScourge$1.25
Call to the GraveScourge$0.80
Daru WarchiefScourge$1.50
Dawn ElementalScourge$0.40
Decree of AnnihilationScourge$0.25
Decree of JusticeScourge$1.50
Decree of PainScourge$1.75
Decree of SavageryScourge$0.15
Dragon MageScourge$0.70
Dragonspeaker ShamanScourge$1.25
Goblin WarchiefScourge$1.00
Pemmin's AuraScourge$0.35
Raven Guild MasterScourge$1.50
Siege-Gang CommanderScourge$0.65
Sliver OverlordScourge$1.90
Soul CollectorScourge$0.20
Sulfuric VortexScourge$0.60
Undead WarchiefScourge$1.50
Wirewood SymbioteScourge$0.50
Xantid SwarmScourge$1.00
Ashenmoor LiegeShadowmoor$1.25
Beseech the QueenShadowmoor$0.45
Boartusk LiegeShadowmoor$1.00
Boggart Ram-GangShadowmoor$0.50
Boon ReflectionShadowmoor$0.80
Cemetery PucaShadowmoor$0.20
Demigod of RevengeShadowmoor$2.50
Dramatic EntranceShadowmoor$0.25
Drove of ElvesShadowmoor$0.45
Elemental MasteryShadowmoor$0.25
Enchanted EveningShadowmoor$0.30
Everlasting TormentShadowmoor$0.60
Fire-Lit ThicketShadowmoor$1.75
Flame JavelinShadowmoor$0.25
Fracturing GustShadowmoor$0.50
Ghastlord of FugueShadowmoor$1.00
Glen Elendra LiegeShadowmoor$1.00
Godhead of AweShadowmoor$0.50
Greater AuramancyShadowmoor$2.00
Kulrath KnightShadowmoor$0.35
Mana ReflectionShadowmoor$10.00
Mass CalcifyShadowmoor$0.30
Memory PlunderShadowmoor$0.35
Midnight BansheeShadowmoor$0.65
Mossbridge TrollShadowmoor$0.15
Oona, Queen of the FaeShadowmoor$2.25
Oracle of NectarsShadowmoor$0.60
Oversoul of DuskShadowmoor$1.00
Painter's ServantShadowmoor$2.75
Polluted BondsShadowmoor$0.20
Prison TermShadowmoor$0.20
Rage ReflectionShadowmoor$0.20
Reaper KingShadowmoor$0.50
Reflecting PoolShadowmoor$4.00
Rhys the RedeemedShadowmoor$8.00
Runed HaloShadowmoor$0.60
Shield of the OversoulShadowmoor$0.10
Spectral ProcessionShadowmoor$0.75
Sunken RuinsShadowmoor$6.00
Sygg, River CutthroatShadowmoor$0.50
Thistledown LiegeShadowmoor$0.50
Twilight ShepherdShadowmoor$0.50
Wheel of Sun and MoonShadowmoor$1.00
Wilt-Leaf LiegeShadowmoor$2.50
Wooded BastionShadowmoor$1.00
Woodfall PrimusShadowmoor$2.50
Wound ReflectionShadowmoor$0.40
Ad NauseamShards of Alara$0.20
Ajani VengeantShards of Alara$1.75
Arcane SanctumShards of Alara$0.60
Battlegrace AngelShards of Alara$0.50
BlightningShards of Alara$0.20
Broodmate DragonShards of Alara$0.45
Cradle of VitalityShards of Alara$0.25
Crucible of FireShards of Alara$0.50
Death BaronShards of Alara$4.00
Empyrial ArchangelShards of Alara$1.15
Etherium SculptorShards of Alara$0.40
Ethersworn CanonistShards of Alara$3.00
Goblin AssaultShards of Alara$0.25
GodsireShards of Alara$1.25
Hell's ThunderShards of Alara$0.55
Hellkite OverlordShards of Alara$1.25
Knight of the White OrchidShards of Alara$0.35
Kresh the BloodbraidedShards of Alara$0.50
Master of EtheriumShards of Alara$1.35
Mayael the AnimaShards of Alara$0.35
Memory ErosionShards of Alara$0.75
MycolothShards of Alara$1.25
Oblivion RingShards of Alara$0.20
Predator DragonShards of Alara$0.35
Prince of ThrallsShards of Alara$0.50
Quietus SpikeShards of Alara$0.60
Rafiq of the ManyShards of Alara$1.75
Sarkhan VolShards of Alara$4.00
Savage LandsShards of Alara$0.40
ScourglassShards of Alara$0.35
Seaside CitadelShards of Alara$0.70
Sedraxis SpecterShards of Alara$0.15
Sedris, the Traitor KingShards of Alara$0.40
Sharding SphinxShards of Alara$0.15
Sharuum the HegemonShards of Alara$0.75
Sphinx SovereignShards of Alara$0.30
Tezzeret the SeekerShards of Alara$3.00
Titanic UltimatumShards of Alara$0.15
Angel of LightStarter$2.00
Dakmor SorceressStarter$4.00
Grim TutorStarter$110.00
Thunder DragonStarter$5.00
Time WarpStarter$0.75
Crystalline SliverStronghold$3.00
Dream HallsStronghold$1.50
Horn of GreedStronghold$0.50
Mana LeakStronghold$0.10
Mogg InfestationStronghold$0.35
Mogg ManiacStronghold$0.35
Primal RageStronghold$0.25
Reins of PowerStronghold$0.15
Shaman en-KorStronghold$0.25
Shifting WallStronghold$0.25
Sliver QueenStronghold$29.00
Soltari ChampionStronghold$1.00
Spined SliverStronghold$0.20
Thalakos DeceiverStronghold$0.25
Victual SliverStronghold$0.20
Volrath's ShapeshifterStronghold$0.60
Volrath's StrongholdStronghold$9.00
Wall of BlossomsStronghold$0.60
Wall of SoulsStronghold$0.40
Warrior AngelStronghold$0.50
Altar of DementiaTempest$3.00
Ancient TombTempest$4.00
Armor SliverTempest$0.10
Avenging AngelTempest$0.50
Barbed SliverTempest$0.10
Bounty HunterTempest$0.40
Coffin QueenTempest$1.20
Dark RitualTempest$0.35
Dauthi EmbraceTempest$0.25
Dauthi MercenaryTempest$0.10
Dauthi SlayerTempest$0.05
Death Pits of RathTempest$0.20
Diabolic EdictTempest$0.20
Eladamri, Lord of LeavesTempest$2.00
Emerald MedallionTempest$1.75
Flickering WardTempest$0.20
Furnace of RathTempest$0.35
Goblin BombardmentTempest$0.50
Heart SliverTempest$0.05
Helm of PossessionTempest$0.40
Horned SliverTempest$1.00
Jet MedallionTempest$2.00
Jinxed IdolTempest$0.25
Living DeathTempest$1.00
Lotus PetalTempest$1.50
Mana SeveranceTempest$0.35
Mindwhip SliverTempest$0.05
Mirri's GuileTempest$5.00
Mogg FanaticTempest$0.10
Muscle SliverTempest$0.05
Nature's RevoltTempest$0.25
Pearl MedallionTempest$2.00
Rain of TearsTempest$0.10
Reflecting PoolTempest$4.00
Root MazeTempest$0.25
Ruby MedallionTempest$1.50
Sapphire MedallionTempest$2.00
Scroll RackTempest$8.00
Soltari MonkTempest$0.20
Soltari PriestTempest$0.40
Time WarpTempest$2.50
Verdant ForceTempest$0.50
Vhati il-DalTempest$0.25
Whim of VolrathTempest$0.25
Winged SliverTempest$0.05
Winter's GraspTempest$0.15
Nykthos, Shrine to NyxTheros$2.00
Academy RuinsTime Spiral$4.00
Ancestral VisionTime Spiral$3.00
Bogardan HellkiteTime Spiral$0.75
Deep-Sea KrakenTime Spiral$0.50
Flagstones of TrokairTime Spiral$3.00
Fungus SliverTime Spiral$0.20
Gauntlet of PowerTime Spiral$3.50
Gemhide SliverTime Spiral$0.25
Greater GargadonTime Spiral$0.65
HivestoneTime Spiral$0.30
HypergenesisTime Spiral$0.50
Living EndTime Spiral$0.40
Nether TraitorTime Spiral$1.00
Paradox HazeTime Spiral$0.40
Pentarch PaladinTime Spiral$0.50
Psionic SliverTime Spiral$0.30
Pulmonic SliverTime Spiral$0.50
Saffi EriksdotterTime Spiral$0.15
Sedge SliverTime Spiral$0.50
Serra AvengerTime Spiral$2.75
Spirit LoopTime Spiral$0.20
Stronghold OverseerTime Spiral$0.20
Stuffy DollTime Spiral$1.00
SwarmyardTime Spiral$2.50
Thelonite HermitTime Spiral$0.25
Verdant EmbraceTime Spiral$0.30
VesuvaTime Spiral$4.50
Vesuvan ShapeshifterTime Spiral$0.30
Akroma, Angel of WrathTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$3.50
Avalanche RidersTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.20
Avatar of WoeTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$2.00
Bad MoonTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.25
BrowbeatTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.25
DarknessTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.75
DragonstormTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.00
Enduring RenewalTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.30
Essence SliverTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.25
Feldon's CaneTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.20
Fiery TemperTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.05
Funeral CharmTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.15
Gemstone MineTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.50
Lord of AtlantisTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$3.00
Mystic SnakeTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.50
Nicol BolasTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.35
PandemoniumTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.50
Psionic BlastTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.50
Serrated ArrowsTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.05
Soltari PriestTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.30
Soul CollectorTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.35
StuporTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.10
Teferi's MoatTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.25
The RackTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$0.65
Tormod's CryptTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.00
Undead WarchiefTime Spiral (Timeshifted)$1.25
Alter RealityTorment$0.15
Ambassador LaquatusTorment$0.30
Angel of RetributionTorment$0.15
Arrogant WurmTorment$0.15
Cabal CoffersTorment$4.00
Cabal RitualTorment$0.30
Chainer's EdictTorment$0.20
Chainer, Dementia MasterTorment$0.30
Circular LogicTorment$0.65
Grim LavamancerTorment$4.00
Grotesque HybridTorment$0.05
Insidious DreamsTorment$0.25
Laquatus's ChampionTorment$0.55
Llawan, Cephalid EmpressTorment$3.00
Major TerohTorment$0.15
Nantuko ShadeTorment$0.50
Nostalgic DreamsTorment$0.10
Parallel EvolutionTorment$0.80
Sengir VampireTorment$0.40
Tainted FieldTorment$0.35
Tainted IsleTorment$0.35
Tainted PeakTorment$0.20
Tainted WoodTorment$0.10
Vengeful DreamsTorment$0.15
Violent EruptionTorment$0.25
Zombie TrailblazerTorment$0.20
Ashnod's CouponUnglued$1.50
Blacker LotusUnglued$1.00
Chicken a la KingUnglued$0.25
Giant FanUnglued$0.35
Mine, Mine, Mine!Unglued$0.25
Squirrel (Token)Unglued$1.25
Squirrel FarmUnglued$0.50
The Cheese Stands AloneUnglued$0.25
Timmy, Power GamerUnglued$0.25
Mox LotusUnhinged$1.00
Super Secret TechUnhinged$2.50
Ancestral RecallUnlimited$450.00
Black LotusUnlimited$700.00
Blaze of GloryUnlimited$6.00
Chaos OrbUnlimited$25.00
Cyclopean TombUnlimited$9.00
Demonic TutorUnlimited$6.00
Gauntlet of MightUnlimited$95.00
Ice StormUnlimited$6.00
Illusionary MaskUnlimited$25.00
Mana VaultUnlimited$3.00
Mox EmeraldUnlimited$300.00
Mox JetUnlimited$375.00
Mox PearlUnlimited$275.00
Psionic BlastUnlimited$3.50
Royal AssassinUnlimited$6.50
Sol RingUnlimited$7.00
Swords to PlowsharesUnlimited$2.00
Time VaultUnlimited$150.00
Time WalkUnlimited$325.00
Tropical IslandUnlimited$35.00
Two-Headed Giant of ForiysUnlimited$2.00
Underground SeaUnlimited$120.00
Volcanic IslandUnlimited$120.00
Academy RectorUrzas Destiny$8.00
AttritionUrzas Destiny$0.30
Covetous DragonUrzas Destiny$0.75
DonateUrzas Destiny$1.25
Elvish PiperUrzas Destiny$2.95
EradicateUrzas Destiny$0.15
False ProphetUrzas Destiny$0.25
Junk DiverUrzas Destiny$0.20
Keldon ChampionUrzas Destiny$0.05
MasticoreUrzas Destiny$2.00
MetalworkerUrzas Destiny$6.00
OpalescenceUrzas Destiny$0.60
OppositionUrzas Destiny$1.00
Pattern of RebirthUrzas Destiny$0.75
Phyrexian NegatorUrzas Destiny$1.00
Plow UnderUrzas Destiny$1.50
Powder KegUrzas Destiny$1.25
RepercussionUrzas Destiny$1.00
ReplenishUrzas Destiny$3.50
Rofellos, Llanowar EmissaryUrzas Destiny$7.00
Sigil of SleepUrzas Destiny$0.10
Thran DynamoUrzas Destiny$2.75
TreacheryUrzas Destiny$1.00
Wake of DestructionUrzas Destiny$0.70
Yavimaya EnchantressUrzas Destiny$0.10
Angel's TrumpetUrzas Legacy$0.05
Avalanche RidersUrzas Legacy$0.30
CrawlspaceUrzas Legacy$0.40
Defense GridUrzas Legacy$0.45
Deranged HermitUrzas Legacy$2.50
Engineered PlagueUrzas Legacy$0.25
Goblin WelderUrzas Legacy$3.00
Grim MonolithUrzas Legacy$9.00
Hidden GibbonsUrzas Legacy$0.30
Iron MaidenUrzas Legacy$0.30
Jhoira's ToolboxUrzas Legacy$0.10
KnighthoodUrzas Legacy$0.05
Memory JarUrzas Legacy$1.25
Mother of RunesUrzas Legacy$0.50
No MercyUrzas Legacy$3.00
PalinchronUrzas Legacy$1.50
Phyrexian PlaguelordUrzas Legacy$0.20
Quicksilver AmuletUrzas Legacy$3.00
Rack and RuinUrzas Legacy$0.15
Radiant, ArchangelUrzas Legacy$2.00
RancorUrzas Legacy$1.00
SubversionUrzas Legacy$0.50
TinkerUrzas Legacy$1.25
Treetop VillageUrzas Legacy$0.60
Absolute GraceUrzas Saga$0.15
Absolute LawUrzas Saga$0.15
AbundanceUrzas Saga$0.30
Angelic ChorusUrzas Saga$1.25
Arcane LaboratoryUrzas Saga$0.25
Argothian ElderUrzas Saga$0.10
Argothian EnchantressUrzas Saga$7.00
Argothian WurmUrzas Saga$0.75
AttunementUrzas Saga$0.15
Back to BasicsUrzas Saga$2.75
CatastropheUrzas Saga$0.65
Citanul FluteUrzas Saga$0.25
ContaminationUrzas Saga$1.50
Dark RitualUrzas Saga$0.30
Darkest HourUrzas Saga$0.30
Destructive UrgeUrzas Saga$0.05
DuressUrzas Saga$0.10
Energy FieldUrzas Saga$4.00
ExhaustionUrzas Saga$0.05
ExhumeUrzas Saga$0.25
Flesh ReaverUrzas Saga$0.10
FluctuatorUrzas Saga$0.50
Fog BankUrzas Saga$0.75
Gaea's CradleUrzas Saga$80.00
Gaea's EmbraceUrzas Saga$0.25
Gilded DrakeUrzas Saga$1.50
Goblin CadetsUrzas Saga$0.05
Goblin LackeyUrzas Saga$4.00
Goblin OffensiveUrzas Saga$0.20
Grafted SkullcapUrzas Saga$0.10
Great WhaleUrzas Saga$0.50
Greater GoodUrzas Saga$6.00
Intrepid HeroUrzas Saga$0.75
LifelineUrzas Saga$1.75
Lightning DragonUrzas Saga$1.25
Lotus BlossomUrzas Saga$0.75
Order of YawgmothUrzas Saga$0.15
PariahUrzas Saga$1.00
PersecuteUrzas Saga$1.00
Phyrexian ProcessorUrzas Saga$1.50
Phyrexian TowerUrzas Saga$5.00
Planar VoidUrzas Saga$0.35
Priest of TitaniaUrzas Saga$1.00
RemembranceUrzas Saga$0.25
Serra AvatarUrzas Saga$5.00
Shivan HellkiteUrzas Saga$1.00
Show and TellUrzas Saga$10.00
SmokestackUrzas Saga$5.50
Sneak AttackUrzas Saga$60.00
Soul SculptorUrzas Saga$0.15
Stroke of GeniusUrzas Saga$2.50
Temporal ApertureUrzas Saga$0.50
Time SpiralUrzas Saga$10.00
Titania's ChosenUrzas Saga$0.40
TurnaboutUrzas Saga$0.60
Vampiric EmbraceUrzas Saga$0.10
Vernal BloomUrzas Saga$0.60
VictimizeUrzas Saga$0.30
Voltaic KeyUrzas Saga$0.75
WindfallUrzas Saga$0.25
Sliver Queen, Brood MotherVanguard$7.00
Anvil of BogardanVisions$1.75
Blanket of NightVisions$0.10
City of SolitudeVisions$1.10
Elephant GrassVisions$0.75
Funeral CharmVisions$0.05
Goblin RecruiterVisions$0.50
Griffin CanyonVisions$0.20
Helm of AwakeningVisions$0.35
Natural OrderVisions$15.00
Phyrexian MarauderVisions$0.40
Phyrexian WalkerVisions$0.30
Retribution of the MeekVisions$0.55
Snake BasketVisions$0.40
Suq'Ata AssassinVisions$0.25
Undiscovered ParadiseVisions$2.75
Viashivan DragonVisions$0.25
Aura of SilenceWeatherlight$0.30
Bone DancerWeatherlight$0.45
Bosium StripWeatherlight$0.20
Bubble MatrixWeatherlight$0.30
Buried AliveWeatherlight$1.25
Gaea's BlessingWeatherlight$0.35
Gemstone MineWeatherlight$1.50
Goblin BombWeatherlight$1.50
Lotus ValeWeatherlight$2.50
Mana WebWeatherlight$0.55
Null RodWeatherlight$2.00
Orcish SettlersWeatherlight$0.10
Scorched RuinsWeatherlight$0.75
Serra's BlessingWeatherlight$0.30
Tolarian EntrancerWeatherlight$0.25
Urborg JusticeWeatherlight$0.25
Winding CanyonsWeatherlight$1.50
Abyssal PersecutorWorldwake$1.70
Admonition AngelWorldwake$2.45
Avenger of ZendikarWorldwake$2.20
Basilisk CollarWorldwake$3.45
Celestial ColonnadeWorldwake$2.15
Comet StormWorldwake$0.45
Death's ShadowWorldwake$0.20
Dragonmaster OutcastWorldwake$5.75
Everflowing ChaliceWorldwake$0.35
Harabaz DruidWorldwake$0.15
Joraga WarcallerWorldwake$1.15
Kalastria HighbornWorldwake$0.75
Lavaclaw ReachesWorldwake$0.40
Leatherback BalothWorldwake$0.05
Lodestone GolemWorldwake$0.45
Marshal's AnthemWorldwake$0.15
Novablast WurmWorldwake$0.45
Omnath, Locus of ManaWorldwake$4.20
Quest for the Nihil StoneWorldwake$0.20
Raging RavineWorldwake$0.75
Stirring WildwoodWorldwake$1.45
Stoneforge MysticWorldwake$16.00
Strength of the TajuruWorldwake$0.10
Talus PaladinWorldwake$0.15
Tectonic EdgeWorldwake$0.25
Wolfbriar ElementalWorldwake$0.15
Wrexial, the Risen DeepWorldwake$0.70
Archive TrapZendikar$0.75
Beastmaster AscensionZendikar$0.55
Blade of the BloodchiefZendikar$0.65
Chandra AblazeZendikar$1.65
Day of JudgmentZendikar$0.55
Eldrazi MonumentZendikar$3.00
Emeria AngelZendikar$0.30
Emeria, the Sky RuinZendikar$0.80
Eternity VesselZendikar$0.25
Felidar SovereignZendikar$2.55
Kalitas, Bloodchief of GhetZendikar$1.35
Lorthos, the TidemakerZendikar$0.30
Lotus CobraZendikar$1.95
Luminarch AscensionZendikar$0.80
Malakir BloodwitchZendikar$0.35
Mindbreak TrapZendikar$1.40
Nissa RevaneZendikar$3.25
Ob Nixilis, the FallenZendikar$0.90
Obsidian FireheartZendikar$0.35
Oracle of Mul DayaZendikar$1.95
Oran-Rief, the VastwoodZendikar$0.30
Pyromancer AscensionZendikar$0.75
Rampaging BalothsZendikar$0.70
Rite of ReplicationZendikar$0.85
Sadistic SacramentZendikar$0.20
Sorin MarkovZendikar$6.00
Summoning TrapZendikar$0.25
Terra StomperZendikar$0.15
Turntimber RangerZendikar$0.10
Valakut, the Molten PinnacleZendikar$1.05
Vampire HexmageZendikar$0.15
Warren InstigatorZendikar$2.05

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